Notification Webhook in Make

In this tutorial we will cover a method of setting your webhook for Memberchat message notifications.

For this particular tutorial we use Make for handling our webhooks, but you can use any other service.

Setup a Webhook in Make

First of All, we need to setup a new custom webhook in Make. Use a "Webhook" app and "Custom webhook" method to setup. After your setup is finished you should see a screen like the one below with your webhook URL.

Webhook in Make

Add Webhook to Memberchat

Next you need to add the Webhook URL to Memberchat project settings. in Webhooks section of project settings put your URL to "Webhook URL" field and press Add button.

Add webhook url to Memberchat settings

Test your setup

After you added the webhook url to your project settings, go to Make and and press "Run once" button to start a test run for your scenario.

Next go to your live site with Memberchat installed and send a message.

In make you will see that Webhook received a data of message sender (from) and receivers (to) as member IDs.

Webhook received data

You can use those ID to build your notification workflow in your own way. For example, you can retrieve member from Memberstack settings and send a email.